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HeadSpace is a wellness company that specialises in employee wellness. We offer a complete wellness solution ranging from implementing Employee Assistance Programmes and organising Wellness Days to creating memorable Team Building Events.

Without a productive, healthy workforce, companies are unable to achieve the level of success they desire, and it is our passion to make sure that this area is managed effectively.



Samuel Erasmus – NMG

"Thank you for providing SDHK and NMG with such a professional service. The initial feedback from the HR team was great. They found your service to be excellent. Looking forward to working with the HeadSpace team in the future."

Kristen Campbell – ETC

"I would like to extend a sincere thank you to you and your team for your participation in our wellness day. You guys were here well ahead of time to set up and our staff really enjoyed the offering that HeadSpace brought to the event."

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