The Educational Benefit

The Educational Benefit is an innovative new student support platform that gives your child the confidence to perform.

Support and assistance to students Grades 1–12

We understand that most parents work and do not have the time and energy to search for the correct information to provide supplementary educational support to their children. Therefore, we provide parents with all the tools they need to support their children, reducing the workload on parents and children without restricting their academic growth.


Only R95 per month

Our value-added services include:

With homework levels rising exponentially, even at primary school level, many of our children are completely overwhelmed by the number of tasks that they must perform after school. The Educational Benefit offers parents a value-added service to relieve children’s learning workload and eliminates the pressure for parents that do not necessarily have the time to assist.

Textbook Summaries

Based on the textbook of your choice or used by the school

Sample Examinations

Aligned to your preferred textbook

Help with Speeches

Assistance with writing effective speeches


We obtain the content and images required by your child to complete the assignment.


Overview of all prescribed literature as well as tools and tips to ensure accurate comprehension


Step-by-step guidance to solve mathematical problems. Overview of the necessary terminology that your child should understand to be able to succeed in mathematics. Practice sheets are also available.


All you need to remember and understand to succeed in Afrikaans and English with practice sheets.
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TESTIMONIAL: Michelle Delport

“I can’t thank you enough for saving me so much time and energy. Their summaries are incredible. I don’t have to spend hours searching for old test papers anymore and I am now in a position where I can start preparing in December for the next year. I used to spend hours after work summarising and preparing for exams and it has taken a huge weight of my shoulders.”
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TESTIMONIAL: Penelope Joubert

“The Educational Benefit is excellent! Their summaries are thorough and relieve a lot of pressure on both kids and parents, allowing us to spend more quality time together as a family.”

Textbook summaries of all subjects offered by Government Schools, Private Schools and Home-Schooling Institutes e.g. EMS (Economics Management Sciences), NS (Natural Science) and SS (Social Studies);

For languages and mathematics, we supply explanations, practice test papers and memos allowing parents to assess their children’s comprehension of subject easily and affectively prior to examinations.

The benefits are offered through an online platform with a back-up team who handle enquiries via a ticketing system to ensure a seamless service delivery.

Our website provides parents with access to the files related to the current work done by the child in his/her school and Grade:

  • Support and assistance to students Grades 1–12.
  • 12 000 children are currently subscribed to the platform.
  • Our database contains over 67 000 files and continues to grow every day.
  • Approximately 38,000 files are downloaded every week.
  • Interactive slides on all topics with audio and videos.
  • Our website caters for students with an Afrikaans and English home language.
  • Our staff are the heart of our company and are always willing to help, even after hours.
  • We cater for any syllabus based on the specific textbooks used by the school.
  • Assistance has also been provided to students where the school has no textbooks.

We are focused on innovation; our in-house development team is always available to incorporate new suggestions and ideas.


Subscribe today and receive the following BONUSES absolutely FREE!

BONUS 1: Teacher-On-Line (Telephonic Support)

Forget expensive extra lessons. Our teacher-on-line benefit provides additional telephonic academic assistance that allows learners to interact with a qualified teacher on a variety of subjects. Students have access to the teachers, Monday to Thursday between 18:00 and 21:00.

BONUS 2: Tele-Doctor Consultations

Receive unlimited virtual consultations with a medical doctor. The Tele-Doctor Consultations allow healthcare practitioners to connect with patients using a tele-health platform. A consultation could result in a health check, sick note, a referral letter, or an e-script. All these services are available through our Toll-Free Number for you and your immediate family.

BONUS 3: Virtual Psychologist

Receive 12 virtual counselling sessions with a qualified Psychologist to assist you and your immediate family.

Children and parents are under a lot of pressure, be it work, school or social pressure. Our virtual psychology benefit enables you to connect directly and confidentially with a qualified Psychologist at any time to get the support you need.

By using our Virtual Psychologist, you and your children can talk with a qualified Psychologist via a computer or mobile device when it’s convenient for you, and far more quickly than having to wait for (an) in-person visit.


BONUS 4: 24-hour Personal Health Advisor

We create a critical link between you and your children, ensuring that professional guidance from a qualified nurse is just a phone call away.

Support children through their stages of life and the kinds of issues that older children face. Headspace offers a 24-hour child support line that will assist with the following topics:

Boy/Girl development; School pressure; Depression; Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking; Abuse; and Skin problems

You will also have access to one of the most widely searched and referenced drug and poison databases in South Africa.


Only R95 per month

Two children will have access to the service.

Subscriptions are on a month-to-month basis, and you can cancel at any time!