Employee Assistance Programme

Headspace Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

The Headspace Employee Assistance Programme is a work-based intervention programme specifically designed to provide support and counselling to assist employees, and their immediate families, with personal problems or situations that may be adversely affecting their performance at work.

The EAP is totally confidential, easily accessible, voluntary and can provide support on a range of personal and work-related problems.

Our state-of-the-art contact centre in Johannesburg with 486 incoming lines widens our reach by delivering services in 11 official South African languages.

The in-house call centre provides quality-controlled telephonic advice and consultation services in the medical, financial, home, emergency, legal and the educational fields.

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EAP Service Offering


Trauma, Assault and HIV Support

Our dedicated Contact Centre assists employees who have experienced physical trauma, emotional trauma, or possible HIV exposure. The benefit is designed to provide for the employee’s immediate physical and psychological needs.

Personal Health Advisor/24 Hour Health Advice

Our 24-hour Health Support/Assistance line focuses on the different stages of your life and provides peace of mind to employees. This Toll-Free line is managed by our expert in-house nurses and offers baby support, kids support, teen support, women support, men support as well as elderly care.

Tele-Doctor Consultations

The TeleDoctor solution allows healthcare practitioners to connect directly with employees using a telehealth platform. This virtual consultation could result in a sick note, a referral letter, or an e-script.

Virtual Psychologist

Imagine having access to your own personal psychologist 24 hours a day. Our Virtual Psychology solution allows qualified Psychologists to connect directly with employees using a telehealth platform.

Legal Assist

Our 24-hour Toll-Free advice line is manned by qualified in-house attorneys who provide guidance on all legal matters including criminal offenses, labour matters, contracts, divorce etc.

Tax and Financial Support

We take the stress and jargon out of personal tax and finances. This help line offers guidance and information on taxation and finance related matters to enable employees to make informed decisions about their financial status.

Managerial and Leadership Support Services

Support is provided to managers and leaders for advice on various EAP related issues. Managers will also receive orientation and training sessions to fully educate them on the EAP and service offering. Managers and leaders can consult with the Headspace account manager via phone, virtual or in face-to-face sessions.

Educational Benefit

Most parents work and do not have the time to search for the correct information to provide supplementary educational support to their children. Our educational benefit provides parents with access to the files related to the current work done by the child in his/her school and grade.


Our uniqueness comes from the generosity of our service offering with the focus on adding massive value to maximise the return on your investment.

One Stop Wellness Solution

Employee Assistance Programme
Wellness Days
Wellness Interventions

Competitive Price Point

R85 per month per member
Highly discounted rates for larger organisations

Educational Benefit

Textbook summaries
Written speeches
Test examinations
Content for assignments

Virtual Psychologist

12 Virtual Counselling Sessions
Access to the service is available to the validated employee as well as their immediate families.

HIV Support

24-hour access to trauma counselling as well as counselling for post-traumatic stress disorder.
3 consultations (per incident) with a specialist
3 HIV blood test
Antiretroviral medication
Sexually transmitted infection medication
Morning after pill and on-going counselling

Unlimited Tele-Doctor Consultations

Sick note and/or e-script
Referral letters
Renewal of chronic prescriptions

Trauma and Assault Benefit

Emergency transportation to medical facility
Cover for assault includes R5,000 per member with a maximum of R10,000 per family per assault incident for medical treatment for bodily injury.
Cover for trauma includes R5,000 per member with a maximum of R10,000 per family per trauma incident for psychological consultations PLUS an additional 4 consultations through the “Virtual Psychologist” benefit.